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Hey I’m keeping this up bc memories

Hey as most of you have guessed, I’ve moved from this URL, if you want it, let me know at my main blog, @ificouldeatthiswogainingweight

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We’re all drunk from something. Drunk from hopeless ideas of love and companionship. Drunk from visitations from our friends anxiety, depression, and obsession. Drunk from both our tears and the spit produced from the words that caused them. Hell! Even the sober are drunk from the idea that they’ll remain so.
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It’s happening

it has 12,717 signatures already. We can do this if we try

So many people am are concerned about kicking fucking Justin Bieber out the country but y’all don’t fucking care that people like George Zimmerman is running around letting white peoples kids know that it’s okay to KILL black teens and that dosmestic violence has no price to

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remember back in like 5th grade when everyone vowed they would never do drugs

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My aunt met someone at her store who worked on the set of The Avengers and he told her about how RDJ and Tom Hiddleston were always pranking each other on set and how Robert and Tom were doing a scene together and Robert couldn’t stay still in his Iron Man suit because he was feeling really uncomfortable so they had to take a break and during break Tom walked up to Robert and said, “It’s called itching powder”, took a sip of his water, and walked away. 

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what i learned in high school

  • you can pass some classes by being friends with the teacher 
  • there is more than one kind of cool
  • if you write just random things on some homework then you may still get some point but the teacher will pull you aside because she is worried about you
  • not all food is edible
  • who cares
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  1. Friend: go ask
  2. Me: no you go ask
  3. Friend: no you
  4. Me: fine can i have ketchup
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But mom how am I suppose to buy drugs with a gift card

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Cas is just like “I don’t fucking know man I’ve only been here for like two years give me a fucking break I’m about to die for your ass appreciate it.”

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i thought this was a joke when i was younger but now i understand

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I’m so glad people breathe automatically bc if I had to remember to breathe every second I would’ve probably gotten too lazy to do it and died from it a long time ago